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I am a cheerful, tender, self dependent, purposeful. At the moment I work as a consultant and seller of an elite perfumery. I go in for shaping, read a lot of historical literature. I do not like noisy places, but I like everything that is connected with sports. I am very sociable, and can easily adapt to a changeable situation. I love children though I do not plan to have any at the moment. I hope that I will be able to rely on my future husband but I do not like staying at home for a long time so I will help him in creating our home. I love cooking and cultivating home plants. Man’s age does not matter so much but his inner world really does. I like active, quick minded, faithful, strong willed and witty men. He should be clever, strong willed, purposeful, caring, interesting, with a good sense of humor.

I am pleasant, attractive, modest and kind. I have various interests. I love music as I am a music teacher (I teach people play piano) and first of all I give my preference to classical music i.e. Chopen, Beethoven and Rakhmaninov but I also like modern singers such as Sting and Sade… I enjoy communication with people not only because of my being a psychologist but also because communication can be interesting, useful and joyful. I like home comfort, I enjoy being at home and making it comfortable. In my free time I read Bulgakov’s books, play piano, receive guests and enjoy my friends’ company. I look great in both evening dresses and sports suits. I like traveling and I have visited many countries: England, France, new Zealand, Italy, Spain, Turkey and so on. I enjoy driving. My son and me like pets, especially English mastiffs (it is a dog breed) I like men who are noble and self-confident but at the same time kind and tender, men who love comfort and who can afford themselves leading a comfortable life.

My friends say that I’m a ‘lady with pepper’. I love all new, uncommon, and I am not afraid of changes. I’m sociable and curious. I’m fond of clothes design, conundrums, knitting. I paint a little. I love music, traveling and outdoor rest. I like boxing, billiards and equestrian sport. I love flowers and animals. I like reading, going to theatre, listening to the music. I like to communicate with my friends. I am fond of planting flowers. I like to spend my free time close to nature, I like to travel, I love children. I dream to see a determined and purposeful man by my side, but heshould be tender, sensual, gallant at the same time. He should be a friend, who is able to support in a difficult situation.

I’d like to tell a little about myself. As for my understanding of life and attitude towards people I always try to see only the good, pure and sincere things as it makes life easier. I like animals, nature and sports. I’d like to create a strong and friendly family full of comfort and sunshine. I want to be happy and loved and gift happiness and love to people surrounding me. Happiness inspires a person, makes him be better and gives him a chance to change himself.